Kajian Energi Kemoreaksi Kapur api Untuk Pengeringan Benih Cabe Merah

Author: Elisa Julianti;Soewarno T. Soekarto;Purwiyatno Hariyadi;Atjeng M.Syarief


This research was aimed to study the energy potential of quicklime stone chemoreaction for the application to drying process of red chilli seeds. The experiment demonstrated that chemoreaction energy released from water reaction with CaO containing lime stone could be used for drying process of chilli seeds at ambient temperature to a very low moisture, varying of 2.5 – 3.7 % wb. The chemoreaction energy released from reaction between lime stone and plane water was 1.06 kJ/g lime stone. At excessive water condition particle sizes of lime stone did not affect chemoreaction energy, but smaller size particles enhanced the energy release from the reaction. Using three particle sizes of lime stone the energy efficiency for drying of red chilli seeds ranged 54.0 – 64.0 % and for plane water evaporation ranged 57.4 – 71.6 %. The energy effectiveness for chilli seeds drying was 4.7 kJ/g water and for plane water evaporation was 4.1 kJ/g, implying the presence of bound water in the chilli seeds.

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