Evaluation of Monoacylglycerols Derived from Butteroil as Emulsifiers in Foods

Author: Kirk L. Parkin, Purwiyatno Hariyadi, Shu-Jung Kuo


These studies indicate that food-grade MAG-rich preparations can be enzymically derived from butteroil and/or butteroil fractions, and that these preparations have physicochemical and functional properties similar to commercial MAG products available from other sources. Thus, the opportunity exists to increase the utilization of butteroil-derived resources in markets that are conventionally dominated by nondairy resources. Focus in future product development efforts should be placed on 1) identifying appropriate products/markets in which to utilize butteroil-derived MAG, and 2) exploiting any unique (or dual, including any flavoring impact of butteroil) functionality that butteroil-derived MAG can offer.

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