Preparation and partial characterization of low dextrose equivalent (DE) maltodextrin from banana starch produced by enzymatic hydrolysis

Author: Era Yusraini, Purwiyatno Hariyadi, Feri Kusnandar


This study was aimed to prepare low dextrose equivalent (DE) maltodextrin from banana starch. Banana starch was extracted from unripe banana fruit var. uli after steeping in 0.045 M sodium hydroxide. This process yielded 42.58% of starch (in dry basis) and produced high purity starch (97.96%, db) and excellent whiteness (99.44%). The gelatinized banana starch was hydrolyzed enzymatically by using α-amylase from Bacillus subtilis. Starch hydrolysis used a batch reactor with a four-blade Teflon pitched turbine impeller at 75°C (at initial gelatinization temperature of banana starch) for 10 min to produced maltodextrin with DE ≈ 3. Particle size of irregularly shaped banana maltodextrin (BM) granules were below and around 5 µm in diameter. This BM produced a fat-like gel texture, which was similar to that of commercial maltodextrin (CM; N-Lite D). This maltodextrin had also a lower in vitro digestibility than that of the commercial one and potato starch.


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