Development of Taro Dodol of Lingkar Kampus Villages as Bogor Souvenir and Typical Product

Author: Sutrisno Koswara, Nuri Andarwulan


Mapping profiles of SMEs dodol in IPB Lingkar Kampus and assessments cooperation with SMEs that produce dodol in 14 villages with minimum commercial scale has been conducted. The selected SME was Jaya Rasa in Cikarawang, Bogor. Supporting and mentoring of PIRT Certificate of Jaya Rasa SME have been conducted and gained certificate of Home Production (PIRT) for dodol with No. No. P-IRT. 206320101808 in the name of SME owner Mr. Anjay Bustomi. This activity has also successfully developed products processed of taro dodol, fermented taro dodol and its derivatives in the form of chocodolas (Chocolate with dodol talas). These products have been equipped with a representative packaging to be sold as typical products and souvenir of Bogor, including pictures of specific and well known place or location in Bogor. Trademark registration for chocodolas and simple patent registration for fermented taro dodol has been conducted. Justification and trial production of taro dodol on SME location has been done with a production of about 10 kg per week. Marketing of taro dodol, fermented taro dodol and chocodolas has been done by deposit in outlets of stores and school canteens in about 40 outlets. To support the sales and image of the product has also developed an online store for selling the products.

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