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Southeast Asian Food & Agricultural Science & Technology Center

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Cooperations/Mutual Partnership

SEAFAST Center IPB is actively engaging in many mutual partnerships with food industries; government and non-government organizations. SEAFAST Center welcomes your inquiry and opportunity to discuss your need in the area of improving food quality, nutrition and safety through science and technology.

Several key examples of mutual partnership are:

Technical assistance, consultation and/or problem solving

Product development

Processing development

Pilot plant trials

Analytical services

Marketing and business plan assistance

Standard and regulatory information consultation

Training consultation


2nd SEAFAST International Seminar & 1st International Seminar on Oil Palm

Bogor, 4–5 September 2019

Pelatihan proses termal untuk industri pangan

Bogor, 28-31 Oktober 2019

Webinar HPLC in Food Analysis

Bogor , 19 Mei 2020 / 09:00 s/d 11:00 Via Meet
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Pelatihan Kompetensi SDM Pendidikan Tinggi Vokasi dan Profesi dengan bidang kompetensi Keamanan Pangan oleh Seafast Center

Seafast Center LPPM IPB University ditunjuk oleh Direktorat Pendidikan Tinggi Vokasi dan Profesi Ditjen Pendidikan Nasional, Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Republik Indonesia untuk menyelenggarakan “Pelatihan
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Prof. Purwiyatno Hariyadi, Ph.D menjadi narasumber di Webinar for Our Culture: Food Waste.

Fakultas Kehutanan IPB University menyelenggaran Webinar dengan tema “Webinar for Our Culture: Food Waste” pada hari Sabtu 17 Oktober 2020. Webinar ini diselenggarakan dalam dua
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Workshop of Sensory Science and Halal oleh Seafast Center LPPM IPB University

Selain menyelenggarakan Food Ingredient Asia Conference 6th , Seafast Center LPPM IPN University juga mengadakan workshop of Sensory Science pada tanggal 15 Oktober 2020 dan
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