Fermented Pickle of Tabah Bambo Shoot

Bamboo is clump plant which belong to Gramineae family. It’s habitat spread over the tropical, subtropical and temperate climate area. In the world there are about 1.300 bamboo species, and 145 of them are indigenous species from Indonesia. Some bamboo species have high economic value and could process as edible product, i.e. Dendrocalamus asper, in Indonesia a.k.a Bambu Betung, Gigantochloa atter (a.k.a Bambu Legi), Gigantochloa robusta (a.k.a Bambu Mayan) and Gigantochloa nigrociliata (Buese) Kurz a.k.a Bambu Tabah (Bali) or Bambu Lengka (Java) (Kencana et al., 2012).
Choudhury et al. (2012) wrote bamboo shoots are consume as food items after harvesting. Bamboo shoots form a traditional delicacy of many countries like China, Japan, US, North East India, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The fresh bamboo shoots are seasonal, perishable in nature, short-lived and unpreserved but at the same time they are become one of the preferred food items among the people all over the world because it has delicate taste and aroma.
The shoot of Bambu Tabah (Gigantochloa nigrociliata (Buese) Kurz) is shoot of indigenous bamboo species that could find in large quantity in Pupuan, Tabanan, Bali. It has known have flat taste differ from other bamboo species. That’s why the Balinese people called it “Bambu Tabah” (Tabah bamboo). Tabah bamboo have cultivated by the farmer group in Pupuan, which named “Kelompok Tani Organik Pupuan (TOP)”. About 800 farmers join the TOP as member. They manage the production of bamboo shoot (Kencana et al., 2012). However, during the time it have not given significant impact to income of the member caused by lack of knowledge about postharvest handling and preservation technology.

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