Analysis of Bioactive Compound in Canarium Nut (Canarium indicum L)

Gregoria S. Suhartati Djarkasi, Erny Judy N. Nurali, Maria F. Sumual, Lana E. Lalujan

Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, Indonesia


A research on the bioactive compound of canarium nut has been conducted. The parameters observed are proximate composition of protein, lipid, water, ash and carbohydrate contents, bioactive compounds, and antioxidant activity expressed by DPPH value. The result shows from proximate analysis showed that the highest chemical component of canarium nut is lipid. Furthermore, the dominant fatty acid of triacylglycerol in three kind canarium nuts is oleic acid. Protein is the second highest compound of canarium, with glutamic acid as the most dominant amino acid. Canarium nut contains high concentration of phenolic and flavonoid as well as α-tocopherol. Antioxidant activity of canarium nut expressed by Radical-Scavenging activity DPPH is in mutual accord with phenolic compound. Compare to BHT, canarium nut has higher antioxidant capacity than BHT. The best solvent for extraction phenolic and flavonoid compounds is ethanol, indicated by phenolic content, flavonoid, and antioxidant capacity as high as 0, 89 mg/g, 1,58 mg/g, and 69,71 %, respectively. On the other hand, the highest α-tocopherol found in hexane extracts. In conclusion, canarium nut may be used as functional food due to its high antioxidant activity.

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