International Seminar


September 29th – 30th, 2010
Jakarta - Indonesia


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Keynote Speech:

  1. Recent Innovations in Packaging Technology to Ensure Safety and Quality of Food Ingredients (PDF, 3049 kb).
    Prof. Dr. Gordon Robertson
    - IUFoST and University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Plenary 1.Development of Food Ingredient and Its Regulations

  1. Isoeugenol-Local Based Ingredient: Fulfill the Next Up-trend Global Demand of Natural Vanillin Thru Bioconversion (PDF, 587 kb).
    Ir. Adi Hariono, MM - PT. Djasula Wangi, Indonesia.

  2. Consumer Perception on Food Safety, Food Labeling and Food Biotechnology(PDF, 1281 kb).
    Ms. Wisalinee Wangwittaya - Asian Food Information Centre, Thailand.

  3. Health Claims Regulations for Functional Foods and Ingredients in ASEAN - Challenges and Opportunities(PDF, 904 kb).
    Ms. Pauline Chan - ILSI Southeast Asian Regions, Singapore.

Plenary 2. Technology and Ingredient for Functional Food

  1. Benefits of Oligosaccharides as Ingredients for Specific Milk Formulations for Young Children (PDF, 1104 kb).
    Dr. Jacques G. Bindels - Danone Research, Centre for Specialized Nutrition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  2. The effect a High Calcium Vitamin D Fortified Milk on Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover in Postmenopausal Women: a clinical study done in Indonesia and Philippine (PDF, 1276 kb).
    Dr. Paulus Wijanto - Eijkman-Oxford Clinical Research Unit, Indonesia.

Plenary 3. Quality and Safety Aspects on Food and Ingredient Development

  1. Emerging Issues on Potential Hazards in Food and Ingredient (PDF, 3887 kb).
    Dr. Roland E. Poms - MoniQa Network of Excellence and International Cereal Center, Austria.

  2. Recent Technology to Support Thermal Process Validation(PDF, 1203 kb).
    Mr. Klaus - Ellab A/S, Denmark.

  3. Sweetener Technology(PDF, 186 kb)
    Mr. William L. Defer - The NutraSweet Company, USA.

  4. Development of Local Based Flour as Food Ingredient(PDF, 681 kb).
    Mr. Franciscus Welirang - PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Bogasari Flour Mills Tbk, Indonesia.