Food Processing Pilot Plant

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food pilot plantFood processing pilot plant is equipped with several food processing lines; such as drying process (drum, spray, freeze, fluidized, tray drying), thermal (canning and pasteurization) processing, evaporator, bakery processing, frying (deep frying and vacuum frying), extrusions, expeller, milling, etc. Our pilot plant facilities are capable of supporting new products development; especially for small scale production trial for market, quality and shelf-life evaluations.

Fats and Oils Pilot Plant

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oil & fats pilot plantEquipped with oil and fat processing unit, such s crusher, neutralizer, bleacher, degummer, deodorizer, fractination and esterification units, the pilot plant is capable of supporting scaling-up work for oil and fat research projects. Several ongoing projects are development of production process for palm based prodcuts such as red palm oil, mono-diacyl glycero, oils high in carotene and vitamin E, carotenoid concentrate and coco butter substitutes.