Food science and nutrition program at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) has been developed for more than 40 years. There were several Centers associated with nutrition, food science and technology; namely (i) Center for Food and Nutrition Studies, (ii) Center for Food and Nutrition Policy Studies and (iii) Center for Assessment of Traditional Foods. Those centers have contributed to the development of excellent program of food science and nutrition at Bogor Agrocultural University (IPB).

Started at 2004, in conjunction with the cooperation with Texas A&M University (TAMU); the three centers were consolidated to become SEAFAST Center (SK Rektor No. 193/K13/OT/2004). One of the missions of the SEAFAST Center is to develop a food science, food technology and nutrition program of excellence at the Bogor Agricultural University to improve food quality and safety for the people of Indonesia and if appropriate the ASEAN region.

To perform its missions, SEAFAST Center is equipped with modern laboratories to perform research and provide scientific data in the area of food quality and safety improvement, nutrition improvement, new product and process development, food diversification, packaging and labeling, post harvest and cold chain development. Beside research, facilities at SEAFAST Center is suitable for training and R&D work in the area of food quality, nutrition and safety.

Our facilities include:

  • Food Quality & Safety Laboratories (Microbiology and Chemistry)
  • Food Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Food Microbiology Analyses Laboratory
  • Bacterial Fermentation Laboratory
  • Animal Assay Laboratory
  • Food Sensory Evaluation Laboratory
  • Fats & Oils Pilot Plant
  • Food Processing Pilot Plant
  • Distance Education/Teleconference Room
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