ITP 730 Thermal Processing of Foods

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  1. Introduction to Thermal Processing of Foods. Handout
  2. Definition of Potential Hazardous Foods (PHF). Handout
  3. Kinetics of Microbial Inactivation for Alternative Food Processing Technologies. Handout
  4. Principles of Thermal Processing-a. Handout
  5. Principles of Thermal Processing-b. Handout
  6. Nomenclatures for Studies in Thermal Processing. Handout
  7. Retort: Instrumentasi dan Pengoperasiannya. Handout
  8. Temperature Distribution Protocol for Processing in Steam Still Retorts, Excluding Crateless Retorts. Handout
  9. Performance of Still/Steam Retort: Heat/Temperature Distribution Test. Handout
  10. Protocol for Carrying Out Heat Penetration Studies. Handout
  11. Uji Penetrasi Panas. Handout
  12. Prinsip Kecukupan Proses Thermal. Handout
  13. Faktor-faktor Kritis pada Proses Sterilisasi dengan Retort. Handout
  14. Notes on UHT/HTST. Handout
  15. Prinsip Kecukupan Proses Thermal Proses Aseptik & Faktor Kritisnya. Handout
  16. Trend of Alternative Food Processing Technologies. Handout 
  17. Pengendalian dan Pengujian Pangan Steril Komersial. Handout
  18. Reading Materials
    a.    Factors that Influence Microbial Growth. Handout
    b.    Microbiological aspects of thermally processed foods. Handout
    c.    Non-potentially hazardous foods. Handout
    d1.  What is a Process Authority? Handout
    d2.  Process Authority Definition. Handout
    e.    Establishing Safe Thermal Processes by Calculation Method Selection. Handout
    f.     Thermal Process Calculations Through Ball’s Original Formula Method. Handout
    g.    Thermal Process Design. Handout