The 6th FiA Conference 2020
“on Food Science, Nutrition and Health" 

WEBINAR, 14-16 October 2020

About The Event

Innovations and developments in food technology, processing and ingredients continue to fulfill demands of the ever-growing global population seeking food safety and nutritional security. Considering the dynamics of the food ingredients for securing and maintaining the safety of future food, IAFT/PATPI and SEAFAST Center–LPPM IPB in collaboration with Department of Food Science and Technology, IPB University will organize 6th FiA Conference on Food Science, Nutrition and Health 2020. In this special event, the seminar will deliver three main issues: (i) The importance of halal food management in Indonesia, (ii) Oil palm-based food ingredients and products, (iii) Recent advances in food science & technology, health and nutrition.


WEBINAR, 14-16 October 2020


14-16 October 2020

Event Speakers

Prof. Dr. Purwiyatno Hariyadi
IPB University, Vice Chair of CODEX

Prof. Dr. Michael Murkovic
Graz University of Technology, Austria

Prof. Dr. Chin-Kun Wang
Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan

Dr. Emmanuel Hatzakis
Ohio State University, USA                                                    
Prof. Dr. Lilis Nuraida
SEAFAST Center IPB University, ID



10 July - 20 September 2020
Call for abstract submission
25 September 2020
Announcement of acceptance
5 October 2020
Full Paper Subsmission

Full paper template The 6th FiA Conference 2020

14 October 2020
About The Event

Opening Remarks Dr. -Ing. AB Sitanggang (Chairman of the Organizing Committee; SEAFAST Center & Dept. Food Science and Technology, IPB University) Prof [E]. Dr. Aman Wirakartakusumah (President-elect of IUFoST)

Official Opening Remarks Prof. Dr. Arif Satria (Rector of IPB University)

International food regulation: Updates Prof. Dr. Purwiyatno Hariyadi (IPB University, ID; Vice chair of CODEX)

Advanced NMR approaches as a tool for food quality control Dr. Emmanuel Hatzakis (Ohio State University, USA)

Furfuryl alcohol (FFA) formation and mitigation in coffee-based products Prof. Dr. Michael Murkovic (Graz University of Technology, Austria)

Material Day 1

Material Day 2

Sensory Workshop



15 October 2020 [09–11 AM WIB]
PATPI-SEAFAST-INDOFOOD "Sensory Science Workshop"

Measurement beyond liking: The secrets of QDA upon good sensory practices Dr. Dede R. Adawiyah (Dept. Food Sci. & Tech., SEAFAST Center - IPB University)

Move beyond the laboratory: Validity and reliability for trained consumers Dr.-Ing. Dase Hunaef (Dept. Food Sci. & Tech., SEAFAST Center - IPB University)

DEDICATED for students, register for free and get your certificates! 0821-1218-3538 (Dwi Rusmawati)

16 October 2020 [08:30-11:30 WIB]
Halal Workshop: Updates on halal certification procedures in Indonesia

Ir. Nur Wahid, M.Si Head of LSP MUI “The Importance of Halal Food Management In Indonesia”

Evrin Lutfika, S.TP Director of Operation - Indonesia Halal Training and Education Center (IHATEC) “Halal Assurance System (HAS) and Requirements of Halal Certification in Indonesia”

Dr. Nancy Dewi Yuliana Dept. Food Science and Technology & Halal Science Center, IPB University “Halal Critical Points of Materials and Its Halal Supporting Documents”

Moderator Dr. Dias Indrasti Dept. Food Science and Technology, SEAFAST Center - IPB University

Registration fees : IDR 300 K (certificate and workshop materials) 0813 - 8222-4045 (Yuli)